Award winning programs that help early childhood educators foster enthusiasm for healthy foods and active play in young children.

Early Sprouts preschool children are excited about healthy foods and active play! Their enthusiasm helps establish healthy habits that can last a lifetime.

Early Sprouts 10-hour online training

Engage young children in gardening, sensory exploration, and cooking throughout the school year.

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Learn about physical activity in early care settings: Active Play Every Day

Learn how to integrate physical activity with early learning throughout the preschool day!

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Create a nutritionally purposeful child care environment

Learn how you can teach young children in a setting that is deliberate in its approach to nutrition and supports preschool-aged children, their families, and care providers in the development of lifelong healthy eating behaviors.

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Comments from Early Childhood Educators

"It is so exciting to be part of this initiative. We are really helping our children and their families develop positive attitudes about eating healthy foods." - Early Sprouts Teacher

"This is a wonderful program and I am excited to use this in the classroom and at home. I will be sharing this with my own family, other providers and daycare centers and schools. This has changed my whole idea about healthy eating and how to present it the right way to children." - Early Sprouts Online Training Graduate

"This was a very thorough training, especially compared to other online trainings, and even compared to many face-to-face trainings. Very accessible. Clear and concise, lots of good information provided." - Growing Health Eaters Online Training Graduate