Award winning programs that help early childhood educators foster enthusiasm for healthy foods and active play in young children.


Karrie KalichEarly Sprouts began as the brainchild of Dr. Karrie Kalich, a registered dietitian and a health science and nutrition professor at Keene State College in Keene, New Hampshire.

In 2005, Karrie approached the Keene State College Child Development Center about the possibility of piloting a project. In the spring of 2006, the seeds for Early Sprouts were planted, both literally and figuratively. 


HNH FoundationEarly Sprouts has received support by many organizations and individuals. Funding and encouragement from the HNH Foundation has been especially instrumental to the program's success and future sustainability.

Other generous supporters include: Advocates for Healthy Youth, Cheshire Health Foundation, CMH Foundation, Hannaford Super Markets, Kiwanis Club of Keene, NH, MacMillin, Monadnock Challenge Fund of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, Monadnock United Way, National Gardening Association & Home Depot, Healthy Sprouts Award from the National Gardening Association & Gardener's Supply Company, Environmental Education Fund of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, Gemini Fund of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, Stonewall Farm.

Developers and Trainers

Lynn Arnold, RD, LD, teaches undergraduate nutrition classes at Keene State College and is the instructional designer and program coordinator for the Early Sprouts program.

Dottie Bauer, EdD, is a professor of early childhood education at Keene State College and specializes in early childhood curriculum development and teacher preparation. She has a background in early childhood, special education, and human development.

Karrie Kalich, PhD, is a registered dietitian and a dean in the School of Professional and Graduate Studies at Keene State College. She consults on health and nutrition topics and is devoted to conducting community-based research to help young children develop healthy eating habits.

Deirdre McMartlin, MEd, is the academic program coordinator for the Child Development Center at Keene State College. Previous experience in the field includes teaching in preschool and kindergarten classrooms, child care administration and working with preservice teachers.