Award winning programs that help early childhood educators foster enthusiasm for healthy foods and active play in young children.

Approach Details

“Our experience was wonderful—our daughter wouldn’t eat a whole lot before; now she will try anything.”

Nutritionally Purposeful

A nutritionally purposeful approach

Any preschool can become a nutritionally purposeful environment. Early Sprouts helps children establish healthy dietary choices that last a lifetime using the following guidelines:

  • Offering healthy foods in a developmentally appropriate manner 
  • Offering foods for celebrations that follow the Early Sprouts guidelines
  • Providing multiple opportunities for children to try a new food 
  • Understanding that people can begin to like a new food if given time, support, and the opportunity to try it 
  • Respecting food as something that nourishes us  
  • Involving children in as many aspects of food preparation as possible 
  • Relying on adults to model healthy eating behaviors 
  • Focusing on positive food behaviors in children and families 
  • Involving families in food learning experiences