Award winning programs that help early childhood educators foster enthusiasm for healthy foods and active play in young children.


"We have never done such a good job coordinating what is happening in our classroom with what families are doing at home."

CurriculumEarly Sprouts is a research-based nutrition curriculum that encourages preschoolers to eat more vegetables by growing, harvesting, and preparing organically grown foods.

Early Sprouts book cover

Over a course of 24 weeks, the curriculum cultivates healthy change by:

  • Increasing young children's preferences for wholesome foods
  • Promoting healthy eating at school and home
  • Reducing the risks and issues associated with childhood obesity

Six target vegetables are the focus of the exploration and discovery in each of four components. Read more.

  1. Organic gardening
  2. Sensory exploration
  3. Cooking and recipe development
  4. Family involvement

The complete curriculum guide is published in the Early Sprouts book, available from major booksellers. Additional recipes are available in the Early Sprouts Cookbook.