Award winning programs that help early childhood educators foster enthusiasm for healthy foods and active play in young children.

Active Play Every Day Training Details

Active Play Every Day Training Details

Physical activity plays a vital role in all areas of development, but most young children do not meet recommendations for moderate to vigorous physical activity.  Preschool-aged children need to be offered numerous opportunities for active play throughout the day so that they can learn and practice skills that set the stage for a lifetime of physical activity and benefit from the positive impact physical activity has on health and learning.  Active Play Every Day is an online training that supports child care professionals in creating an early learning environment that incorporates a deliberate and effective approach to physical activity.  

Through this training, early childhood educators will learn about their role in children’s activity levels and large motor development, and explore strategies and practices that foster active play while enhancing learning and wellness throughout the child care day.

What you'll learn

  • How children benefit from physical activity
  • The teacher’s role in motor skill development
  • How to create indoor and outdoor environments that support physical activity
  • How to incorporate physical activity into the preschool day and across all classroom areas
  • The importance of being a role model
  • Developing a physical activity policy for your program
  • Engaging families in physical activity


The course consists of six self-paced modules with interactive lessons and quizzes. Each module must be completed in sequence with a passing score before advancing to the next. There is no limit on the number of times a quiz can be retaken. Course access is available 24 hours a day.


  1. Physical Activity & Young Children
  2. Physical Development Milestones
  3. Creating a Physically Enriching Environment
  4. Curriculum Practices
  5. Engaging Teachers and Staff
  6. Making the Family Connection