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Vegetable gardens promote health and wonder

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Early Sprouts -- Seed to TablePlanning, planting and tending to a vegetable garden is fun and can set the stage for young children’s appreciation of healthy foods.


Whether creating a small container garden or developing a large outdoor space, gardening helps children understand the source of the foods they eat. As they work with with the growing plants they establish a personal connection with the vegetables they are growing.


As our culture has become busier and less involved in food production and preparation, young children and their families are often more familiar with the appearance of frozen or canned vegetables than they are with fresh produce. Even many fresh vegetables are precut or wrapped in plastic for convenience. These store-bought vegetables in all their forms—fresh, frozen, or canned—bear little resemblance to their garden relatives.


By involving young children in planting seeds or seedlings, you’ll be offering them a connection to the natural world that is often missing in their lives. Visit the plants on a regular basis and watch children’s explorations, observations, and questions deepen as the plants grow. 

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